Basti refers to the Enema therapy of Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Ayurvedic Basti involves injecting herbal substances like oil and decoction in a liquid medium into the intestine. Basti means the urinary bladder. In ancient times, the urinary bladder of animals was used to give enemas. It is prescribed mainly for people with Vata Dosha.

Basti is considered to be one of the most important therapies as it works to keep a check on the Vata Dosha. The Vata dosha is the root cause for a majority of diseases. It also moves the other two Doshas, Kapha and Pitta, which results in their imbalance. Keeping Vata under control is a proactive measure to keep diseases at bay.

Benefits of Basti :

  • It helps in keeping the Vata Dosha under control, which also helps in maintaining the balance of Kapha & Pitta Dosha. Thus all the three Doshas are under control with this treatment.
  • It increases the immune system of the body through its cleansing process.
  • It can cure diseases like Colitis, Cervical Spondylosis, Digestive Disorders, Backache, Obesity Piles, and Convalescence, among others.
  • It puts the body in a state of equilibrium.
  • It is a wholesome treatment and provides substantial relief.

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